Yamashiro – Intersection of Human and Culture

Located along the road connecting Kyoto and Nara, Yamashiro region is blessed with water transportation to Osaka via the Kizugawa river and abundant cultural resources which talk about history of several different periods. Please fully enjoy the atmosphere of Yamashiro region where you can encounter with long-forgotten beauty of old Japan.

Tea culture

Tea culture has been exerting profound influence on spiritual nature, lifestyle and art and culture of Japanese people. It has a long history since its arrival from China and the tea grown in Yamashiro region as represented by Uji Tea is widely known as high class Japanese green tea. Various tea culture such as Sencha, Gyokuro or Matcha came into bloom and wielded influence even on Kaiseki and Kyoto cuisine. Please enjoy having various experience or strolling about the scenic tea fields.

Tea experience

You can have a tea experience from plucking through preparation, and learn tea processing which has been passed down to the present.

  1. Tea pluckingTea plucking
    In the past, tea leaves were picked by hand, while by machines at present. In May, when tea fields become the most beautiful fresh green, soft new tea leaves are plucked by hand.
  2. Tea processing/kneadingTea processing/kneading
    You can experience the process in which tea leaves picked by hand transform into high class Uji tea.Even now, competitions to pass down tea kneading skill are hold and you can observe sophisticated skills.
  3. Tea classTea class
    Japanese tea instructors give you detailed explanation of how to prepare Japanese green tea. Please enjoy the charm of Japanese tea:Change the temperatures and amounts of water used in the first, second and third infusions, and you can enjoy different flavor.


The most popular sweet is made of local specialties, Uji green tea and strawberry! The Keihanna Science City is drawing attention as a “City of Sweets”. Matcha sweets are made from generous amount of green tea leaves and have a slightly bitter aftertaste and dainty aroma. Strawberry sweets are attractive to the eye and have an exquisite taste in a fine balance between sweet and sour. Find a favorite sweet shop by yourself walking around with a sweet map in your hand.

Matcha SweetsSeika Sweets