MICE isan acronym for Meeting, Incentive Tour, Convention and Exhibition. Our goal is to provide the visitors with not only tourism resources but also additional value generated through intercommunication. The Keihanna MICE Town was designed to contribute to the development of new businesses or opportunities for innovation by setting up a new network between the associate participants and the researchers and the residents of the Keihanna Science City.

A Wisdom-Creating City That Pioneers the Future

The Kansai Science City is a science city broadly known by a nickname of “the Keihanna Science City”. With more than 130 research facilities and more than seven thousand researchers (as of 2017), we aim to promote “the Keihanna MICE Town” to a perfect city suitable for international meetings, a wisdom-creating city that pioneers the future, and a place for intellectual exchange. Located in the center of a triangle connecting Kyoto, Osaka and Nara, all of which have rich histories as one-time Japanese capitals, the Keihanna MICE Town provides unique environment and “Omotenashi” (hospitality).

Keihanna MICE Town 6Points

  1. You can realistically feel a wisdom-creating city that pioneers the future

    You can realistically feel the spatially integrated universities and research facilities constructed by the industry-academia-government collaboration, the front of advanced researches in a wide range of fields, and the creation of a sustainable model city where science, lifestyle, culture and natural environment are fused.

    MICE Town of Facilities
  2. You can have easy and smooth access from home and abroad

    You can have easy and smooth access from Kyoto, Osaka and Nara via various routes. The location is in proximity to an IC of the Keinawa expressway. Airport limousine service from the Kansai International Airport is also available.

    Access to MICE Town
  3. You can functionally arrange your conferences

    Two core facilities, the Keihanna Plaza and the Keihanna Open Innovation Center (KICK), assure compact and unified conference organization. The Keihanna Plaza is equipped with a hotel to meet a need for long-term conventions.

    Core Convention Facility
  4. You can organize your conference according to your budget

    To enhance your conference, we provide support including the introduction of various MICE support systems and help you to organize your conferences achieving cost-effectiveness according to your budget.

  5. You can organize extensive excursions and after convention

    We can propose plans to experience Japanese cultures at Kyoto and Nara which boast histories longer than a thousand years: the tours to UNESCO world’s cultural heritages and experiences of intangible cultural treasures like Japanese food, Noh or Kyogen play. In addition, technical visits to universities and global research institutes creating new industries can be suggested.

    After Convention
  6. You can expect support by our staff with high degree of professionalism and experience and by citizens with kind hospitality

    All of our staff are specialized and well-experienced in conference organization and provide you with a total support from planning, preparation to execution. In some excursions, you can expect support by local residents or students.